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Stimulus: 2,500 Americans to see $1,400 stimulus payment

In Johnson County Iowa, 2,596 residents will soon see stimulus checks worth $1,400 under a county wide stimulus program.

stimulus checks with red stamp representing stimulus payments

The program is called the Johnson County Direct Assistance Program.

The deadline passed Friday, but not everyone that applied will see a payment.

The program is designed to help low income households.

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Payments will be sent in early July to those who are approved.

The funding comes from $29.3 million dollars given to the county from federal funding.

Out of the 2,500 applicants, around 2,300 to 2,400 people will receive the payments.

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If the reason for denial is a mistake, people will have two weeks to correct their applications.

One thing that could potentially happen is that there are many applications found ineligible so funding will be leftover.

The remaining funds in this situation would be returned to Iowa City and Coralville.

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