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False Rumor: Are Americans getting $2,000 stimulus in 3 days?

The newest rumor circulating Facebook has left people wondering if they can expect a fourth stimulus check worth $2,000.

fourth stimulus check from the federal government

The post circulated and was shared around 250 times, stating Americans could expect a stimulus payment Memorial Day weekend.

The post also shared that there would be another round of child tax credits being sent from July through December.

Amounts shared through the Facebook post were $300 and $500 for the child tax credit payments.

This entire post is entirely untrue and a false rumor.

The last stimulus check was sent in 2021 and was worth $1,400.

This was out of a $1.9 trillion dollar relief package.

What other stimulus checks are out there?

While the post claiming that a fourth stimulus check coming from the federal government was false, there are state payments.

There are 8 states that have passed laws for sending their residents stimulus payments.

One state looking to send $2,000 checks to residents

3.1 million Colorado residents can expect a payment worth $400-$800.

Maine is offering thousands of residents a payment worth $850.

New Mexico, Massachusetts, Delaware, Indiana and Illinois are all sending stimulus checks as well.

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