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Stimulus: These 8 states are giving payments worth up to $850 in 2022

Stimulus checks helped Americans when the pandemic began, but the federal government doesn’t appear to be offering a fourth check.

stimulus check sent to Americans

Instead, many states are taking the responsibility on themselves to help their residents out financially.

While many have already passed stimulus check bills, others are waiting on proposals to pass.

Here are 8 states working to get stimulus payments into the hands of residents

Georgia is offering a one time tax rebate for those who filed 2021 and 2022 tax returns.

What you receive will depend on your filing status.

Single filers will see $250, head of household filers will see $375, and joint filers will see $500.

Stimulus: $400 payments may happen in this state

New Mexico is sending single taxpayers a stimulus payment worth $250 and married joint filers $500.

550,000 residents are expected to see checks.

Massachusetts residents are seeing $500 stimulus checks under the Massachusetts’s Essential Employee Premium Pay program.

Application for child tax payments worth $250 per child opening soon

The payments are being sent based on employment status during the pandemic.

Maine residents will see $850 stimulus payments based on income.

If single, your income cannot exceed $100,000.

Those filing as head of household cannot have income exceeding $150,000, and anyone married filing jointly can’t make over $200,000.

Colorado residents will see $400-$800 payments depending on filing status.

Delaware residents will see stimulus payments worth $300-$600.

Indiana residents will see a stimulus check of $125 or 12% of their 2020 tax bill, whichever is greater.

This is thanks to the excess reserves within the state.

Finally, Illinois residents will see payments worth up to $400.

Single filers making under $200,000 and married filers making under $400,000 will see $50 and $100, respectively.

Additional dependents will see $100 each.

You may claim up to three, maxing your stimulus payment out at $400.

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