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Stimulus: $400 payments may happen in this state

Gas is reaching almost $5 per gallon across the U.S., but in California it’s already passed the $6 threshold, causing a stimulus discussion.

gas pump where Americans may soon be able to use a $400 stimulus payment in California

Governor Gavin Newsom has proposed a plan that would pay car owners $400 to offset gas prices.

Residents could see as much as $800 through the proposal.

How would the $400 stimulus payments work?

Individuals with registered vehicles in California would qualify.

Each resident can claim up to two vehicles.

This means they would get $400 for each vehicle.

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The proposal still has not been passed.

As gas prices continue to rise, some experts believe the cost of gas will reach $6 per gallon by August across the nation.

Whether the $400 payment will help or not depends on different factors.

Some larger vehicles hold as much as 15 gallons of gas.

The average American has a 12 gallon gas tank, which on average in the current climate is $56.52 to fill.

This means with the $400 stimulus payment, they could fill their tank 4-7 times.

Many people only fill their tanks twice per month, meaning this amount of money could help Americans for 2 or more months.

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