Application for child tax payments worth $250 per child opening soon

Families in Connecticut can now claim up to $250 per child.

child tax credit

The rebates will ben given for up to three kids per family.

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Is there an income requirement?

Connecticut families can claim a rebate up to $250 per child, with a maximum of three. The actual amount you’ll receive is based on your income. Find additional details here.

The income threshold for those filing single or married filing separate is $100,000. For head of household the limit is $169,000 and $200,000 for married couples filing jointly. If you exceed the limits, you may still be able to get a reduced rebate.

Applications will be open here from June 1 to July 31, 2022. The Department of Revenue Services will reach out about the program to over 300,000 households who may be eligible.

The funds have came from the revised state budget. These child tax rebates are a part of a $663 million relief package. Checks will go out at the end of August.

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