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Food Stamps: Maximum SNAP benefits explained

Millions of Americans collect food stamps each month as a way to afford food for their families, and inflation has only made it more difficult.

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Over 41 million Americans are enrolled in SNAP benefits.

These people receive an EBT card from their state, which is funded with money from the federal government.

Every month your benefits are loaded onto the card and you’re able to spend the money at participating grocery and convenience stores.

How much do people get in food stamps?

The money you’re given every month is your allotment of food stamps.

The expectation is that households spend 30% of their own money on food.

Benefits will cover the other 70% of household groceries.

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SNAP boost ending in Georgia this May

To figure out how much your benefits are, your household net monthly income is multiplied by 0.3.

It is then subtracted from the maximum allotment for the size of your household.

The maximum allotment for a household of one is $250.

A family of 4 is $835, and a household of 8 is $1,504.

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Past 8. $188 per person is added.

You must apply through the state you reside in to see food stamp benefits.

A home with someone 60 or older, or a disabled person might have a higher limit of assets.

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