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Stimulus: Many may see $3,200 payment is legislation passes proposal

Alaska residents may soon see a stimulus benefit worth $3,200 after months of discussion between lawmakers regarding the state budget.

stimulus payment alaskans will see

There are two different things in the proposal that would give Alaskans money.

One payment is worth $2,550, which would come out of the Alaska Permanent Fund.

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The other is a $650 energy assistance stimulus payment.

This would give residents a total payout of $3,200.

There were attempts at giving Alaskans as much as $5,500, but it was shot down.

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Qualifying for the stimulus package

The first part of the payment is the Alaska Permanent fund.

This is a portion of the state’s oil revenues that each resident gets a part of.

In order to qualify, you need to have been a resident of the state for one year before the date of the dividend.

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You must intend on remaining a resident when you apply for it.

If you’ve been incarcerated or convicted of a felony, you cannot qualify.

The $650 payment is a one time stimulus payment to help offset the inflation of energy costs in 2022.

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