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What is the difference between a mortgage and equity loan?

Mortgages and equity loans are both big financial commitments.

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Failure to comply could result in major financial losses.

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Mortgage vs Equity loan

For either a mortgage or equity loan, you will need to meet a certain set of requirements. In both cases, you are borrowing money from the bank with the promise of repayment. Find additional details here.

A mortgage happens before you have a stake in the home. Banks will provide you with options based on the value of your home. A mortgage becomes equity after bank liability has been acquired. This allows you to borrow more money through a home equity loan.

The most common mortgage type is 30 years. However, there are other options too like a 15-year fixed rate or an adjustable-rate mortgages.

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Mortgage requirements

In order to qualify for a mortgage you must:

  • Have enough money to cover mortgage closing costs
  • Meet a minimum down payment
  • Proof that you earn enough money to cover other expenses, such as a car loan or a credit card
  • Meet a minimum credit score that demonstrates a history of responsible payments

Home equity loan

If you are currently paying off your mortgage have paid it in full, you will qualify for a home equity loan. In a way, this is a second mortgage. It allows you to use the value of your home to borrow more money.

Depending on your credit and some other factors, you can borrow up to 80-85% of your equity can be borrowed.

Interest rates on home equity loans tend to be higher than mortgages.

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