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Do you qualify for the free energy program?

Customers of Pacific and Electric Company’s (PG&E) has an energy saving program.

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It is called the Power Saver Rewards program.

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What is the Power Saver Rewards Program?

The Power Saver Rewards Program has started and will run through October 31 this year. The program aims to encourage people to reduce their energy they use, especially during the summer. Read more about it here.

On summer days between 4pm and 9pm energy demand is the highest. PG&E said that rewards kick in during that time frame. When the rewards go into effect, you will receive an email notification. Signing up is free!

Participants are asked to reduce their energy consumption. Rather than receive money for the reduction, participants will receive a credit on their utility bill.

Customers will get $2 per kilowatt (kWh) in credit for reducing energy use during a rewards event. The credits will then be sent out in the first few months of the next calendar year. Customers will also get an end of season report showing their savings.

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