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Energy Bill: Lower your electricity bill with this gadget

The Sun recently shared a product that costs under $30 on Amazon that can help lower your energy bill.

energy bill with a lightbulb

First shared by social media influencer Sara of House of Sequins on Instagram, the SwitchBot can save you money as well as make your morning coffee.

The item can also turn lights on and off from your cell phone.

New York bill would ‘level the playing field’ for utility customers

You need to download the app that goes with the item and pair it with your Bluetooth.

The SwitchBot needs to be near your appliances and light switches, where it will then use its robotic arms to turn things on and off.

Many people find it convenient to save on electricity when paying rent or a mortgage.

You can turn the item on and off remotely from your phone.

This will help you save on electricity if you forget to turn your lights off when you leave.

The item can be found on Amazon for under $30 and save you potential money as inflation and energy costs skyrocket.

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