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Stimulus: These state residents could see $5,500

Alaskan residents may soon see payments totaling $5,500 with two separate payments coming their way from the state.

stimulus check Alaskans could see worth $5,500

As the chance at a 4th stimulus check dwindles, states are working to provide residents with assistance.

Inflation is burdening Americans everywhere, and states offering help are trying to offset the rising cost of goods.

Why will Alaskans see a stimulus payment worth $5,500?

The stimulus package was approved by the Senate, but still needs to be approved by the House.

The stimulus check is worth $1,300 to help with the cost of energy bills.

The second payment is part of a program the state offers to residents that gives them a profit of oil revenue.

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Stimulus: Could you see up to $550?

The payment this year would be worth $4,200 if passed.

Whether the House will pass the bill is unknown.

The bill could pass, but dollar amounts could be drastically lowered.

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