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Stimulus: Could you see up to $550?

Residents in the state of Connecticut may soon see direct payments worth as much as $550 thanks to a new law.

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The stimulus package was signed into law in Connecticut and will include $250 as a child tax credit.

The bill was signed on May 9, 2022.

It’s worth $4 billion dollars, and the payments are part of a budget plan starting July 1, 2022.

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Stimulus: Thousands could see $5,500 in direct payments in one state

Over $1 billion of the funding is from the American Rescue Act.

How much is in the stimulus bill and what are the details?

Checks worth $250 are being sent for child tax credits.

Every $1,000 parents make over the threshold will reduce the payment by 10%.

Stimulus: Who qualifies for the $500 stimulus tax rebate?

An application can be filed with the Commissioner of Revenue Services starting July 31.

Property tax credits have been raised from $200 to $300 under the bill.

Gas taxes are suspended through Nov. 30, 2022 under the bill as well.

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