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Stimulus: $1,400 checks going to thousands

There are thousands of Americans who have a chance at applying for a stimulus check worth $1,400, and applications opened April 25.

stimulus cash residents could see in Iowa

Residents in Johnson County, Iowa could soon see checks worth $1,400 as long as they apply and win the lottery system used to choose them.

2,500 residents that struggled will see the payment.

Qualification for the stimulus check

There are a few requirements to apply for the program.

Residents must have suffered from food or job insecurity, or had to have missed out on the federal stimulus checks last year.

If you’re in the SNAP program or receive SSI, you may qualify as well.

There are income requirements that need to be met as well.

These ten states are paying residents checks worth up to $850

A household of one cannot exceed $45,370 to get the stimulus.

Two member households cannot exceed $51,870.

Four member households can’t exceed $64,805.

The applications for the stimulus payments are set to close on May 9, 2022.

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