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Social Security: Other ways to earn money between benefit payments

While Americans collect Social Security checks each month, some may want to find ways to earn another passive income.

cash you could save aside from social security benefits

There are many ways one could go about this.

Beneficiaries only get one Social Security check per month, and the payments are staggered based on birthday.

In addition, many people worry that funding for Social Security will be depleted by 2033.

This is based on data released from the Social Security Trustees.

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Here are other ways to earn money besides collecting Social Security

One way is to rent something to make money.

You do not need to own an entire home for this, you could rent a room in your home.

You may have had a job where you receive a pension.

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What benefits can you see if you retire when you’re 62?

Often it’s public sector jobs that have these, like law enforcement or fire fighters.

Save up your nest egg by contributing to your retirement plans.

If you have a hobby or something you’re good at, consider making it into a side job that can make you money.

You could move out of a larger home into a smaller and cheaper home where utilities cost less.

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