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Stimulus: $2,000 water bill assistance for low income households

The Maryland Department of Human Services has created a new stimulus program that will help low income families with their water bill.

cash that residents could see in stimulus payments to help with their water bill

The Low Income Household Water Assistance Program will provide assistance worth up to $2,000 for families with late water bills.

The late water bills need to be 30 days or more late.

The goal of this program is to help families and children avoid living without access to water due to finances.

Applications are first come first serve until funds are depleted.

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$1,700 checks for some couples this summer

Eligibility for the stimulus cash towards water bills

If your water has been disconnected because you owe money on a water bill, you my be able to get help.

Help with fees for reconnecting the water services may also be available.

Those receiving a notice that water services have been disconnected can get help with an overdue balance.

If members of the home are struggling to pay the bills they could get help with paying the water bill.

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