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Stimulus: $1,700 checks for some couples this summer

There are couples in one state who could be lucky enough to see stimulus payments worth $1,700 this summer.

stimulus check with a red stamp residents could see this summer

Maine will be sending residents $850 stimulus checks as early as June 1, meaning married couples could see a combined $1,700.

This is part of Governor Janet Mills’ $1.2 billion dollar supplemental budget that was just signed into law.

850,000 residents of Maine are expected to see a stimulus check.

The bill was signed April 20, 2022.

Gas payments and the U.S. government

Eligibility for the stimulus check

In order to be eligible, you must make $100,000 or less individually.

Head of household filers cannot exceed an income of $150,000 annually.

Married filing jointly couples cannot exceed $200,000.

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Some households earning less than $200,000 could see monthly $1,250 stimulus check

$20 million of the budget is earmarked for free community college tuition to eligible graduates.

The students eligible must graduate between 2020 and 2023.

Both Democrats and Republicans supported the bill.

A property tax relief is part of the bill for elderly and low income homeowners and renters.

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