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Social Security: Who can get the maximum $4,194 benefit?

Not many Americans find themselves eligible for the maximum Social Security benefit, which is worth $4,194 in 2022.

Social Security card and check for benefits

That equates to $50,328 per year.

The amount is ideal sounding to most, but the chance that many people get a payment this high is slim.

There are specific criteria a person needs to meet in order to qualify for maximum payments.

Three criteria you must meet to get the maximum Social Security payment

One criteria you need to meet is working for at least 35 years where you paid taxes to Social Security.

The administration will average together your 35 highest earned years adjusted for inflation and determine your payment.

The next thing you’d need to do to get the max amount is earn the maximum amount you’re required to pay Social Security taxes on.

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3 ways your income could be impacting your benefit payments

In 2022 that amount is $147,000.

Each year it is adjusted for inflation.

Finally, you can’t claim your benefits until you’re 70 years old to get the maximum amount.

Doing this will increase your benefit amount by around 8% each year between your full retirement age and age 70.

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