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Gas Stimulus: $150 gas cards could soon be available

There are thousands of Americans in one city who will soon have a chance to apply for gas stimulus cards worth $150.

gas pump where chicago residents may be able to use a gas stimulus card soon

Low income residents in Chicago are closer to getting the gas cards now.

The plan was originally denied by the Budget Committee for Chicago, but received approval April 20.

This means the full city council can vote on it next week.

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75% of the gas cards worth $12.5 million dollars would be prioritized for residents in the south and west side neighborhoods.

The rest of the cards would go out throughout the city.

A lottery will determine who gets cards.

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The proposal passed with a 15 to 12 vote.

Many said their vote to pass was reluctant.

Some opposing the proposal said the money could be better spent on homelessness or combating crime in the city.

Other opposing individuals claim the proposal is an attempt at re-electing Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

Some say the money is only worth two tanks of gas and not a big enough help.

Eligibility for the gas stimulus card

Residents must reside in the city of Chicago and be 18 or older.

You must have a valid city sticker and mailing address for your vehicle.

Your income for your household needs to be at or below 140% of the AMI for Chicago.

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