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UBI: Would universal basic income cause inflation?

There are some UBI programs in major cities.

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However, experts are concerned about the program causing inflation.

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The possibility of inflation

UBI is similar to the concept of minimum wage, in that UBI would provide people who are struggling financially a minimum income. You find additional details by clicking here.

People who are concerned about the implementation of a UBI program point out that prices could rise, just because of supply and demand.

Former presidential candidate, Andrew Yang, believes that inflation will not be an issue from UBI.

Yang is concerned about the impact inflation is having on people and how its making many “Americans’ lives miserable.” It is difficult because your expenses keep growing, but your income likely isn’t keeping pace.

Los Angeles County in California just announced a guaranteed income program that will give 1,000 random qualifying residents $1,000 a month. They’ve launched this initiative because guaranteed income has already been proven to reduce poverty.

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