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Tax Rebate: Millions to see payments worth up to $400 this year

Illinois residents are ready to see tax rebate payments this year worth up to $400. Millions of residents qualify.

cash residents can see through a tax rebate

The Illinois state budget recently passed at $46.5 billion for 2023.

Thanks to measurements included in the budget, residents will soon see direct payments.

Many could see up to $400, but what they see will depend on factors like their filing status or dependents.

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Single filers that make less that $200,000 will see $50.

Couples making less than $400,000 will see $100.

In addition, each dependent is worth $100 and is limited to 3 dependents.

The thought is that payments will go out by check during the second half of the year.

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Anyone that files their taxes by Oct. 17 will be eligible for payment.

In addition there will be a $300 property tax rebate for homeowners.

This rebate will be available for residents that don’t file tax returns with the state.

The goal for these bills is to improve the lives of working families.

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