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Relocating: You could see up to $20,000 for moving to a new city

Relocating to a new city can be costly, whether it’s for new scenery or a new job. There are cities willing to pay you to move.

salesman handing keys to someone for relocating to a new city and home

Many will pay you with grants, stipends, or cash incentives.

There are currently 5 cities that will pay you up to $20,000 to move to their area.

Some of these programs will pay you quite a bit.

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5 cities that will cover your costs for relocating

Bentonville, Arkansas currently offers a $1 million dollar recruitment program.

You must be at least 24 years old and have two years of experience while currently employed full time.

The careers in higher demand include those in science, math, technology, engineering and entrepreneurship.

Corning Inc. temporarily closes facilities in Russia, will relocate remaining employees

If you move you could see $10,000 in cash or crypto plus a mountain bike.

The Shoals, Alabama has 4 cities looking for residents: Florence, Muscle Shoals, Sheffield, and Tuscumbia.

They want full time employees making over $52,000 per year to move there for $10,000 paid in installments.

Morgantown, West Virginia is offering a package worth $20,000, which includes $12,000 in cash.

Tulsa, Oklahoma started programs after the pandemic, but has been recruiting residents for relocating since 2018.

You’ll receive $10,000 over the first year, and another $10,000 if you purchase a home in the city.

Finally, Topeka, Kansas is offering $15,000 if workers buy a home when relocating, or $10,000 if they rent.

The program requires employment to be within Shawnee County.

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