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Is E15 gas cheaper than other types?

A ban on E15 gas could be lifted this summer.

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This could be a financial relief for American drivers.

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Summer E15 gasoline ban being lifted

Lifting the summer E15 gas ban is expected to decrease the prices you’ll pay for gas during the summer months. Although it is less expensive, the quality is not as good and there are negative environmental impacts. Additional details are available here.

The Biden administration estimates that E15 is about ten cents cheaper than E10 gasoline. It doesn’t seem like much, but it’ll save you a few dollars every time you fill up.

During the summer months selling E15 is banned because of its effect on air quality. Ethanol and ethanol-gasoline mixtures have higher octane levels that burn cleaner and they also evaporate faster. E15 fuel creates a smog that is bad for people and the environment. This is why the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a summer ban.

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