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Stimulus: $1,000 one time payments proposed for some Americans

There are thousands of Americans who may benefit from stimulus payments worth $1,000 as they struggle to keep up with inflation.

stimulus cash Americans could see if proposal passes

These payments would be a one time payment in the state of Wisconsin to county employees.

The plan was presented in Dane County by the Dane County Executive and county supervisors.

The payments would be worth $3 million altogether.

Some Americans eligible for $1,400 payment

The goal of the one time payment is to help workers with the county afford gas and groceries as the cost of living rises rapidly.

The $1,000 payment would go to full time county workers.

Part time workers will see a prorated payment.

Limited term employs will see payments based on the number of hours they’ve worked in the last 6 months.

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Over 2,400 workers would see the full or partial payment.

The other goal is to see a boost to the local economy when giving out the payments.

Funding would come from the money sent by the American Rescue Plan.

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