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Social Security: Will those receiving benefits see a fourth stimulus check?

Inflation has plagued the U.S. in recent months, and now many Social Security recipients on a fixed income are asking about a fourth stimulus check.

social security recipients hoping to see this fourth stimulus check in the mail

When the pandemic first began, the American Rescue Act created various breaks and programs to help Americans.

This ranged from a third stimulus check, to emergency food stamps, and even a student loan payment pause.

While these were all great things, inflation continues to rise.

Is there going to be a fourth stimulus payment?

Americans are struggling to make ends meet with paying energy bills and for groceries as the cost of goods increases and wages stay the same.

The group hit hardest are those on a fixed income who collect Social Security.

Social Security and a fourth stimulus check

The Senior Citizens League has done a lot of research when it comes to Social Security recipients and their financial state.

When to expect your fourth round COLA Social Security check

It was discovered that seniors have been cutting their medications in half. They have also been eating one meal per day to get by.

Unfortunately, the Biden administration appears to be focusing on other things.

There are currently issues that need immediate attention. This includes rising gas prices and the Federal Reserve increasing interest rates to offset inflation.

This means there is likely no fourth stimulus check for seniors in the near future.

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