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Rock on, ‘Shreddie Van Halen’: Internet names local electronics recycling shredder

SUNY Brockport student wins naming contest, Shreddy Krueger is runner-up

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WHEN: Friday, April 22, 2022, at 2 P.M.

WHO: Jessica Lisk (Contest Winner), Adam Shine (Sunnking President), and Shreddie Van Halen

WHAT: Jessica will be given a tour of the newly named shredder and awarded four (4) tickets to Six Flags Darien Lake and a Sunnking Swag Bag

WHERE:        Sunnking Headquarters

4 Owens Road

Brockport, NY 14420

Brockport, New York – Sunnking’s live-streaming electronics shredder has a new name after the company today announced its first Name the Shredder” contest winner.

Shreddie Van Halen was the top vote-getter in the recycler’s online contest. The five finalist submissions garnered more than 1,700 votes overall.

34% of votes: Shreddie Van Halen

24% of votes: Shreddy Krueger

23% of votes: Shreddy Munster

12% of votes: Sir Chomps-a-Lot

7% of votes: Slim Shreddy

Last month, Sunnking asked New Yorkers to submit their cleverest names for their industrial electronics shredder. SUNY Brockport student, Jessica Lisk, won the contest and was the fifth overall submission in February with Shreddie Van Halen.

After receiving more than 200 creative name submissions from Rochester and Buffalo in March, Sunnking staff and leadership reviewed the list and selected five (5) finalists for public voting.

Sunnking’s electronics shredder destroys over 10 million lbs of recycled devices each year.

Since its launch in mid-August, Sunnking’s Live Shredder Camera feed has been viewed for more than 500 hours by people worldwide.

The teams considered various factors when selecting the finalists, including creativity, uniqueness, and names that would be easily identifiable and understandable to broad audiences.