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The New York Rangers’ Prospects at the Upcoming Playoffs

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The New York Rangers have trounced their opponents, the Pittsburgh Penguins, to get into a prime position for the playoffs. Although there’s still a chance of an adverse event occurring, the playoffs look more defined with every game played.

The defeat of the Washington Capitals by the Carolina Hurricanes gave the Rangers an added advantage. Nevertheless, the game’s outcome gave the Hurricanes the most stellar record in the Eastern Conference. Going by the odds shown by the best New York sportsbook, the New York Rangers, however, have a great chance of making the playoffs.

How Things are Looking for the New York Rangers

The most positive news about the Rangers’ chances in the playoffs is the quality of the teams they have to face to make the playoffs. There are 15 games to play, and one-third of those games are against playoff teams.

In comparison, their rivals, the Penguins, have 14 games in hand. Nine of the 14 games have them facing top-quality playoff teams like Edmonton, Boston, Colorado, and the Rangers themselves.

The Carolina Hurricanes have a similarly easy schedule with four games out of 15 against playoff opposition teams. The Washington Capital have on their hands the second-highest percentage of games against playoff teams after the Penguins. Eight of 13 games are against playoff teams.

The Possibility of Finishing Top

The Rangers will likely continue their winning streak. Nevertheless, it is more realistic to predict that the team will come second when looking at their schedules.

After routing the Penguins, the Hurricanes are the most likely team to get that top spot. Pittsburgh faces solid competition in the remaining games, and so do the Washington Capitals.

Surprisingly though, the Rangers have problems defeating the smaller teams. In contrast, top-notch performances have been spotted against stronger teams, which places the Rangers slightly out of favor of reaching the playoffs. Nevertheless, they like to capitalize on their home advantage during the playoffs.

The Team to Support

Hockey fans are eager to find out which teams will go against the wildcard teams. Any team that ends in the top position will face the second wildcard team. Nevertheless, there’s always that tiny possibility that the Rangers don’t make the playoffs.

It’s exciting to see how the teams are slugging it out in tight positions for the playoffs.


The New York Rangers getting past the Penguins has placed them in a prime position for the playoffs. With the remaining 10 out of 15 games against easier teams, their way to the playoffs should be relatively unopposed.

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