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What are the eligibility requirements for CHIP?

Many people in the US are eligible for both Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

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This provides low-cost or free health coverage.

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Who is eligible for CHIP?

If you qualify for CHIP, you can apply at any time during the year. Read more about it here.

In order to qualify:

  • child must be younger than 19
  • uninsured
  • a citizen or meet immigration requirements
  • resident of the state
  • within the income range

What is the income limit?

Cost of coverage depends on family size, income, and age of children. There is no upper income limit.

To apply, fill out an application through Health Insurance Marketplace. If someone in your house qualifies, the government will send your information  to your state agency. They will then contact you to proceed with enrollment.

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