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Tax Rebate: $300 going to thousands of families

Thousands of families will soon be able to benefit from a $300 tax rebate in the state of Idaho for 2022.

state tax forms used to get a tax rebate

Anyone who lived in Idaho full time in 2020 and 2021 while filing tax returns are entitled to the rebate automatically.

The rebates will be worth $75 or 12% of the resident’s 2020 taxes, whichever ends up being more.

A family of 4 with two adults and two children could see as much as $300 in rebates.

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When will the tax rebate payment be sent?

The payments are going out in the same order that the tax commission received 2021 tax returns.

Those who are eligible via direct deposit will be sent payments first.

Anyone who will receive a paper check can expect theirs after the direct deposits have gone out.

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25,000 payments are supposed to go out each week until they’re all sent.

People may become eligible after they file their taxes this year, so the process will continue through 2022.

Over 800,000 tax rebates are expected to go out by the end of 2022, totaling $350 million dollars.

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