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Top 5 safest and easiest Crypto wallets in Austrailia

Top 5 safest and easiest Crypto wallets in Australia

Earlier, people from only a few countries showed interest in cryptocurrencies. But now people from all countries are very much interested in these cryptocurrencies. One of such countries where there are too many investors in Australia. More than 25 percent of the population in Australia is holding digital currency. When more and more people are gaining interest in it, the cryptocurrency is getting more stable. But when there are so many investors, Australians need to have the best crypto wallets like the bitcoin revolution for storing their digital money.

Only those who have good and secured wallets will be able to keep their investments safe. There are several crypto wallets available in Australia, but it is important to pick the right one. You can find several types of crypto wallets like a hardware wallet, mobile wallet, desktop wallet, paper wallet, and online wallet. So, here are the top 5 safest and easiest crypto wallets in Australia. They are perfect for both beginners and expert traders as well.

Swyftx Online wallet:

The first option on our list is Swyftx online wallet. It is a cryptocurrency exchange, but it also comes with a wallet in it. You will be able to store more than 270 varieties of coins. It offers you great convenience for buying, trading, and selling cryptocurrency. It is also possible to exchange one type of currency with another. The best part is when you register with this exchange or wallet, you will receive $20 Bitcoin for free. The process of opening an account also does not take a lot of time. It can be finished in just a few minutes.

Digital Surge: 

If you are a beginner and looking for one of the best wallets in Australia, then Digital Surge is a great choice. It comes with Live chat support, a simple interface, and a free Bitcoin of $10 when you sign up. All these features make it a perfect option for beginners. This is also an exchange and has an online wallet. Directly from the wallet, you will be able to buy or sell 250 crypto coins. But they are also trying to add more coins. This is accessible from your mobile phone and your computers.

Trust Wallet: 

Trust wallet is the top choice for those who are looking for the best mobile wallet in Australia. It is known to be an official wallet for Binance. The interface is very simple to use, open-source, and also comes with some rich features. Almost 160000 coins are supported by this coin. The wallet can be set up at any time without providing any personal details. The private key for the wallet will be stored in the mobile phone. This wallet is not just for storing your crypto investments, but can also be used for buying and selling coins.

Ledger Live: 

The next option we have on our list is Ledge Live. If you are looking for desktop wallets, then this is the option you can pick. The best part about this wallet is it offers you an extra layer of security as it is a perfect combination of software and hardware wallet. All the transactions that happen on the wallet are validated, verified, and secured as well. This wallet can support up to 28 different coins, which include some of the most popular coins.

ZenGo Wallet: 

The last option that we have on our list is ZenGo wallet. It is a mobile wallet and was launched in 2018. It is very popular even when it is in the market for just a few years. It has two keys for authentication instead of normal keys. One key is stored in the mobile phone and the other key will be stored in the server of ZenGo. You can buy, sell and also trade with the help of this platform. It supports almost 70 different coins, but not Cardano and Litecoin.

These were the best crypto wallets for cryptocurrency in Australia. There are many other options also available. You need to check which type of crypto wallet you are looking for. Also, do not forget to check which crypto you wish to invest in. That will help in picking the right wallet for you.

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