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IRS: Tax deadlines for 2022

Americans have only three weeks left to get their taxes filed by the deadline set by the IRS for 2022.

IRS tax return forms

The deadline for 2022 was set at April 18.

This is different because normally the deadline is April 15, but it’s been pushed back in honor of Emancipation Day.

The deadline in 2020 and 2021 were extended because of the pandemic and the IRS needing more time to prepare.

The average refund for Americans in 2021 was $2,775.

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IRS accepting tax returns in 2022

Tax returns began being accepted by the IRS started Jan. 24, 2022.

Over 160 million returns are expected for the year.

In 2022 they did not begin accepting returns until Feb. 12 in order to verify systems were working and programming was added.

This needed to happen due to changes in the stimulus tax laws for checks that went out worth $600.

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What if I forget to file with the IRS?

If you fail to submit a tax return when you’re supposed to, you can face major penalties.

The Failure to File Penalty will be sent to you by letter from the IRS.

You may see a penalty of 5% on unpaid taxes, and it can go as high as 25% for continuing to not pay.

Filing more than 60 days late can result in a fine worth $435.

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