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Stimulus: 500,000 Americans could see $300 stimulus checks soon

Over 500,000 Americans can soon expect a stimulus check worth $300 to hit their bank accounts.

stimulus headline in newspaper with cash representing stimulus checks

The payments are going to Delaware residents.

These payments are part of the $1 billion dollar budget surplus.

Residents could see payments before June 30, 2022.

Stimulus: Two days left to claim $285, only 500,000 qualify

Those benefitting filed a 2020 tax return.

The stimulus payments will cost $186 million and the General Assembly will vote on it next month.

The goal is to provide residents with additional money now that there is a surplus to be able to give back.

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Stimulus checks to help Americans

As gas prices pass a national average of $4, many states are trying to offset the burden for residents.

California is discussing a $400 stimulus payment for each registered vehicle in the state.

The limit is two vehicles per resident.

They could see payments as soon as July if approved.

Georgia is looking to give residents a $500 stimulus payment for filing taxes.

If approved, they will see $250, $375, or $500 depending on filing status.

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