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Tax Refund: Why is my 2022 tax refund so delayed?

Tax seasons is coming to a close, which means there is only a bit of time left before you can submit a return for a tax refund.

tax refund check and forms from the irs

If you submit your return, the IRS says it should be about three weeks until you see your refund.

Some people are seeing their refunds take longer than the three weeks the IRS said it would take.

The IRS did announce on March 23 that some refunds may end up taking longer.

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Reasons your Tax Refund may be late, according to the IRS

You claimed a particular tax credit

Some people claimed the Recovery Rebate Credit, Earned Income Tax Credit, or Child Tax Credit.

These credits take longer to process if you reported incorrect amounts for the previous tax year.

The IRS also takes longer with these credits to help avoid fraud.

You submitted errors or an unfinished return

If you misspell anything, your return will be delayed.

This may happen if you don’t double check your return.

You should check all spelling and information like addresses and banking information.

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You owe taxes instead of being owed a tax refund

When you owe the IRS money, they’ll take it out of your refund.

This means they can take some or all of your refund.

If this happens, the IRS will send you a CP49 notice to let you know.

You put the wrong banking information

If you changed bank accounts and gave the wrong one, it will delay your refund.

When the IRS goes to deposit into your old account, it’ll be returned to them.

This will then cause a paper check to be sent to your address, which can take weeks.

A paper return was filed

Paper returns always take longer.

Between the mail, the IRS, and a paper check, filing a paper return will take longer.

It could take awhile to arrive through the mail, and it may even take longer for the IRS to manually enter the return.

By filing electronically, it’s automatically put into the system.

You filed an Injured Spouse form

When a married couple files jointly and one owes taxes, the refund will be taken.

If one spouse owes the debt and the other doesn’t an injured spouse form can be filed.

This could take 14 weeks to process.

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