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Tax Refund: Checks worth $250, $375, $500 going out to millions

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed a new bill into law that would give hundreds of dollars to state residents their tax refunds.

cash received by residents through stimulus tax refund payments

The law, House Bill 1302, will issue one time refunds to residents after they file their taxes with the Georgia Department of Revenue.

The amounts you can get depend on things like filing status and income.

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Tax: Income tax refund in the state of Georgia

Eligibility for tax refund stimulus payment

Married filing jointly couples can see tax refunds worth $500.

Head of household filers can expect a refund worth $375.

Single filers or anyone filing separately can expect $250.

IRS: Does an extension impact my refund?

Governor Kemp described these payments as tax money simply going back to taxpayers.

This money does not come from American Rescue Plan funding that states receiving during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The funds come from a surplus worth over $1 billion dollars that was made by the state during the pandemic.

Qualifying individuals need to have filed tax returns in 2020 and 2021.

Non-residents, estates, trusts and dependents do not qualify for the payment.

If you already filed your return for 2021, you’ll see your payment come separate from your original refund.

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