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IRS: Four reasons your tax return is delayed

The IRS has warned that some tax rebates are taking longer than usual.

1040 tax form

Refunds are usually processed and received in 21 days.

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1. An incomplete tax return

An incomplete tax return is the most common reason for a delay. Waiting to file and then rushing through can lead to errors. Click here to read more.

Change of address or banks is another common error. People will often forget to update their information.

2. You claimed particular tax credits

Claiming child tax credits or earned income tax credits, the earliest you’ll get a refund is March 1. This delay is due to the PATH Act.

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3. You filed a paper return

Filing a paper tax return will delay your refund as it has to travel via mail. It will take about six to eight weeks for a return to be issued if you chose to file this way.

4. Processing delays

The IRS is backlogged. Before this tax season even started, the IRS had about six million unprocessed individual tax returns. The agency is also under staffed, which is causing further delays.

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