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Stimulus: One state may pay out $850 by June under new proposal

A new stimulus check proposal was made in the state of Maine by the governor, which would pay residents checks worth $850.

pile of stimulus checks with red stamp

If the proposal is approved, stimulus checks worth that amount could be sent by June.

The proposal comes as Governor Janet Mills announces a state budget surplus.

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How would $850 stimulus payments work?

The payments would come out of the state’s budget surplus.

Taxpayers would see direct payments worth $850.

Paper checks are an option, but the possibility to send them electronically would mean taxpayers would see them much sooner.

The proposal has bi-partisan support as well.

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Why direct deposit for stimulus payments in Maine is a big deal

The state of Maine has never used direct deposit in this way.

By switching, taxpayers could see this money much faster.

This may also create logistical issues because of the 800,000 qualifying recipients, only half of them have correct banking information on file.

Report showed 645,000 Americans had not seen 3rd check before Sept.

This possibility is pushing Maine Revenue Services to only consider paper checks.

The budget surplus is worth $822 million, and the original proposal amount was $500.

In addition to stimulus payments, the state’s employment, broadband services, and free community college will be bolstered.

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