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$500 in tax rebates for millions of Americans- Are you eligible?

Georgia residents are set to get $500 tax rebates this year.

tax rebate

The money comes from a $3.7billion state budget surplus.

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How much will Georgia residents get?

The bill to grant Georgia residents with a tax rebate has been approved by both the Georgia House and Senate. This will be a one-time tax credit from the state’s Department of Revenue. Read more about it here.

The amount you’ll get depend on filing status:

  • single or married filing separately: $250
  • head of household: $375
  • married filing jointly: $500

If you haven’t filed your taxes yet, the state should include the credit with the other refunds owed to you.

If you have filed your taxes and it has been processed, you’ll get a separate refund.

Georgia’s Department of Revenue has processed almost 5.3million individual income tax returns. More than 3.4million refunds have already been issued.

This round of income tax refunds will likely cost Georgia $1.1billion. Anyone who was a full year resident and filed taxes in Georgia in both 2020 and 2021 is eligible for the refund.

A partial refund is available if you were a part-year filer who filed individual tax returns both years.

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