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Walmart and Amazon shoppers might face delivery delays

If you find yourself waiting longer for your package than normal, you are not the only one.

boxes waiting to be sent, packages from Amazon and Walmart may be delayed

This is happening globally because of a Chinese manufacturing lockdown.

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Why are there delays?

All around the globe Walmart and Amazon customers could see significant shipping delays. This is because in Shenzhen, China is under another lockdown. Shenzhen is one of the major manufacturing centers in China and is responsible for almost half of China’s online retail exports. Read more about it here.

Everything in Shenzhen is shut down, from schools to non essential businesses. As of now the week-long shut down due to COVID is estimated to have large shipping delays as well as increased shipping costs.

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Why are Walmart and Amazon impacted by this?

China is responsible for manufacturing “cheaper versions” of many everyday goods sold at low-cost retailers, such as Walmart and Amazon.

Xang Xin, the head of the Shenzhen Cross-Border E-commerce association said that these delays may be unavoidable.

The pandemic has halted many industries. An Amazon spokesperson said: “We are able to counter these closures by diverting available freight to our neighboring warehouses in the region not impacted by Covid lockdown/restrictions.”

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What if I paid for delivery?

Amazon offers refunds for many orders. and You may be entitled to one if your package arrives late.

Delivery information would be displayed as you checkout from the original purchase. However, Amazon does say that if the situation is out of their hands the delivery guarantee does not apply.

Walmart explains that even before this situation, outbound shipping changes weren’t always refunded upon return.

Walmart says that their plus members are entitled to free shipping from a select stores. However, this program is something that customers pay into.

For non-members, the delivery fee is between $7.95-$9.95. If orders are below $35, then you pay another fee on top of the shipping for your order not being over $35.

Amazon offers free delivery for all prime members who purchase prime related things. Non-member receive free shipping if they spend more than $25.

The shipping charge starts at $3.99 but the shipping costs are directly correlated with how heavy and how large your package is.

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