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IRS: Will the tax deadline be extended in 2022 for 2021 returns?

The IRS extended the tax deadline for 2020 and 2021 following the stress brought on by the pandemic, but will the same happen for 2022?

tax forms to submit to the IRS before the tax deadline in 2022

Tax day is set for April 18, 2022 and many are wondering if they will see an extension as the date quickly approaches.

The deadline for 2021 happened after the passing of the American Rescue Plan.

There were various changes made to tax laws relating to stimulus checks and advanced child tax credits.

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The IRS needed time to adjust for these changes so the deadline was pushed back.

In 2020 the pandemic caused a lot of issues in America, prompting the IRS to push the deadline back.

There has been no announcement for a national extension.

Requesting an extension with Form 7004

States that have an extended deadline from the IRS

The deadline has not been extended nationally, but some states have had theirs extended for various reasons.

The biggest reason is that some areas suffered a natural disaster.

The following counties in Kentucky have had their deadline extended by the IRS

  • Barren
  • Breckinridge
  • Bullitt
  • Caldwell
  • Christian
  • Fulton
  • Graves
  • Grayson
  • Hart
  • Hickman
  • Hopkins
  • Logan
  • Lyon
  • Marion
  • Marshall
  • Meade
  • Muhlenberg
  • Ohio
  • Shelby
  • Spencer
  • Taylor
  • Todd
  • Warren

Their extension is until May 16, 2022.

Those impacted by wildfires in Colorado and Decatur and Dyer counties in Tennessee also have until May 16.

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