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Child Tax Credit: $350 monthly payments possible

The advanced child tax credit payments ended in 2022, and many people are wondering if the payments that helped them so much will restart.

cash families could see under a new child tax credit proposal

There have been various attempts, including adding the provision to the Build Back Better Bill, which did not pass by the end of 2021.

Others are attempting to create new proposals that would give families the same type of benefit.

Child Tax Credit: 500,000 households could see $600 checks

While the Build Back Better bill does not have the support it needs, another option called the Family Security Act appears to have support from both sides.

This was introduced by Senator Mitt Romney and would give qualifying families monthly payments similar to the child tax credit.

Family Security Act child tax credit

Under this act, families with kids 5 and under could see payments worth $350 per month.

Low and middle income Americans could receive $240 payments every three months

In addition, anyone pregnant within 4 months of their due date could also qualify.

Those with children between 6 and 17 could see payments worth $250 per month.

For last year’s payments, children ages 5 and under saw payments worth $250. Those ages6-17 saw $250 per month.

The new proposal is currently being negotiated and has yet to be proposed.

This bill will also have a working requirement for those participating. It will be 80 hours per month with work, volunteering, or job training.

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