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COLA: How big could the boost be for 2023 following inflation?

Inflation will likely have a big impact on next year’s COLA increase for Social Security recipients.

Social security card with cash representing benefits after a COLA increase

The COLA increase was 5.9% for 2022 based on inflation in 2021.

Every year the Social Security Administration looks at adjusting payments to help offset the cost of inflation.

Last year’s increase was the highest in almost 40 years, but if inflation continues next year may break the record.

Social Security: Will cost of living adjustment increase be bigger for 2023?

How will inflation impact the COLA adjustment in 2023?

There may be an increase due to the high rates of inflation happening in 2022, which aren’t slowing down.

The Senior Citizens League shares that there may be as high as a 7.6% COLA increase next year.

This prediction is based on the consumer price index, which is used to determine the COLA each year.

It’s still early, changes may still come to change the prediction.

The third quarter of the year, July, August, and September, are used to determine the COLA for the next year.

It is announced in October each year.

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