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4th Stimulus Check: Job growth makes economic payment unlikely

American citizens benefitted from three stimulus checks after the pandemic started, along with suffering financial and job loss. Many hope for a 4th stimulus check.

4th stimulus checks Americans are hopeful for

While the checks helped Americans over the last two years, inflation continues to rise and they feel the financial strain.

Many are hoping that a check will be sent out.

Stimulus: New plan would give $300 monthly child tax credit payments

Why Americans won’t see a 4th stimulus check

678,000 jobs were added to the economy in Feb.

Originally, only 440,000 jobs were expected.

The unemployment rate is incredibly low at just 3.8%.

The rate has not been lower than that since the start of the pandemic.

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4th Stimulus check: $600 checks sent to 250,000 people in 4 months

Thanks to the job market thriving and unemployment rate being so low, a fourth check is not likely.

Despite this health in the economy, inflation is still causing major issues for the daily lives of Americans.

There is a higher demand than there is supply, and this ranges from food and gas to houses and rentals.

What is the issue if the economy is healthy?

A good economy thrives with job growth and low unemployment, but to be successful in the daily lives of Americans they need to be able to afford living expenses.

As the cost of goods increases, minimum wage is not keeping up.

This causes Americans to push Congress for an additional stimulus check.

Lawmakers are divided because the economy shows no need for a 4th stimulus check, but the daily lives of people do.

President Biden continues to push for the monthly payments on expanded child tax credits as well as raising minimum wage, which sits at $7.25.

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