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Stimulus: $600 checks sent to 250,000 people in 4 months

A batch of stimulus checks worth $250 each are going out to 250,000 employees in 4 months.

cash representing stimulus checks and payments to Americans

This is for low income workers in the state of Oregon and not a recurring payment.

The plan was approved by state lawmakers on March 4.

Can you get a piece of the $4.7 million stimulus cash?

Any workers than claimed the Earned Income Tax Credit in 2020 will see this payment.

One payment will go to each household and they should be received by the end of July.

Why are there extra stimulus payments for these workers?

The goal is to help those who were impacted early on in the pandemic.

Fourth Check: Are we getting a fourth check?

The money will make a difference in the lives of these specific people.

The payments can help with things like rent, groceries or gas.

It is expected that the total amount being sent will be worth $150 million.

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