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Stimulus: Can you get a piece of the $4.7 million stimulus cash?

Millions of Americans struggling with rent will soon catch a break in the form of cash from a stimulus program.

home next to paperwork for emergency stimulus cash used for rent

Those benefitting are residents of Huntsville, Alabama and could see payments out of the $4.7 million dollar Emergency Rental Assistance Program.

This funding is to help those impacted by COVID-19.

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How to be eligible for the stimulus cash

  • Your income must be at or below the area median income
  • You must show you have instability with housing or unsafe conditions
  • Your rental unit must be your primary residence
  • It must be within the city limits of Huntsville
  • At least one person in the home has to qualify for unemployment

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Who will see the stimulus cash first?

The money for this year will go toward those who may be immediately evicted.

Unemployed, those facing eviction, and those with incomes under 50% of the area median income get priority.

Applications can be submitted here.

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