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Rochester gas prices soar above $4 per gallon

As the price of gas in Rochester soars above $4 per gallon, some residents are wondering if the increase in cost indicates price gouging.

One News10 NBC viewer submitted photos showing regular gasoline price rising twenty cents at the same gas station in a matter of about six hours on Thursday, March 3. The American Automobile Association (AAA) said that while its not typical for gas price to rise so much in one day, there is a simple explanation for why it’s happening.

“Gas prices can fluctuate, and it’s really up to individual gas stations,” said AAA’s Director of Public Relations and Corporate Communications Elizabeth Carey, according to News10 NBC. “Maybe one gas station bought their supply two weeks ago when the prices were 20 cents cheaper. Maybe somebody got their shipment in today, and they’re 20-cent more, and they jacked up the price that much.”

Additionally, Carey stresses that the price of oil determines the price of gasoline at the pump.