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Gas: Cheapest day to get gas for your vehicle

Gas prices were already rising, and now with Russia invading Ukraine, it may continue. So when is the cheapest day to get gas?

person using a gas pump to fill their gas tank in their vehicle

Gas prices fluctuate everyday depending on supply or the price of crude oil.

The fear of sanctions being imposed on oil coming from Russia is going to impact gas prices.

On top of that, the world is still coming back from damage caused by COVID-19.

Senator Helming renews call to suspend state’s gas tax

Now, consumers will pay the price, but you can choose to spend wisely.

When is the best time to purchase gas?

The highest average in recent history was $4.11 per gallon in the summer of 2008, but we aren’t there yet.

The price has doubled since last year, and places other than California or Hawaii will see higher prices than $4.

According to AS, GasBuddy reports that Mondays are the best day to fill your tank.

Gas prices rise, consumers wonder: When is the best time to fill up the tank?

In 2021, Friday became one of the better days to fill up even though it was previously one of the worst days.

Tuesday and Sunday are slightly more expensive than Monday, but cheaper than Friday.

The worst days to fill up are Wednesday and Thursday.

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