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Senator Helming renews call to suspend state’s gas tax

As gas prices continue to rise, inflation remains high, and global events cause uncertainty, Senator Pam Helming is again calling on Governor Hochul to suspend the state’s gas tax to provide some immediate relief to every individual and business paying higher prices at the pump.

“We can take action today to provide some immediate relief to New Yorkers by suspending the state’s gas tax. People are paying more for practically everything, for gas, utilities, food and household essentials. Every individual and business is feeling the burden of higher inflation. And with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine leading to greater concern over higher gas prices, not to mention the stability of the world, now more than ever we must take steps to help,” said Senator Pam Helming.

According to AAA, New York’s current average gas price is $3.78 per gallon, compared to a one year ago $2.73 per gallon average. In the Rochester area, the current average gas price is $3.77; in the Syracuse area, it’s $3.73.

Senator Helming last called on Governor Hochul to suspend the state’s gas tax in October 2021, when New York’s average gas price was $3.46 per gallon.

Senator Helming also continues to lead opposition to proposed legislation (S.4264A) known as the Climate and Community Investment Act that according to the Business Council, could increase the cost of gas by as much as 55 cents per gallon and increase home heating costs by more than 25 percent.