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Gas prices rise, consumers wonder: When is the best time to fill up the tank?

Crude oil hit its highest price per barrel since 2014 last Monday, and consumers are feeling the impact at the pump.

The price per barrel of crude oil is $97 now. In February of 2021, the price of gas in New York was $2.60 per gallon on average, according to News10 NBC. Today, the state average is $3.68, and the average in Rochester is $3.66.

Oil is the main ingredient in gasoline, which means the price of gas rises along with the price of crude oil.

Consumers looking to fill up their tank might consider checking the price per barrel for crude oil- if it’s on the upswing, time to fill up. If it’s on the comparative lower end, it may be wise to wait a couple days to see if the price goes down.