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Universal Basic Income: $500 deadline ends today

There is a group of young people eligible to apply for $500 per month for one year, but that deadline ends today for the universal basic income program.

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Young adults in Louisville are able to apply for $500 monthly payments that will last for one year.

The program, YALift! stands for Young Adult Louisville Income for Transformation and is hoping to provide young adults with financial support.

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Universal Basic Income: Applications for $375 monthly payments end Feb. 7

According to The Sun, the Louisville Mayor stated that the answer to poverty issues is money.

This funding will help those without easy access to resources the ability to pay things like rent, food, school, and childcare.

Universal Basic Income payments explained

Applicants chosen will receive $500 per month.

UBI: All the places with UBI in the U.S.

The money is supposed to provide additional income to already existing income, not replace it.

The goal is also to help provide those who are getting the money maintain control of their own lives.

Who can apply for the Universal Basic Income program?

150 young adults between the ages of 18 and 24 will see the payments.

There are only three neighborhoods in Louisville that will see the program

  • California
  • Russell
  • Smoketown

The goal is to start in neighborhoods where there are the biggest gaps in things like education, home ownership, and health.

Data will be collected and used to study the impacts of how UBI benefits individuals.

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