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COVID-19 decline in Colorado

Colorado has begun to deactivate the crisis standards that were put in place during the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 cases decline in Colorado

The crisis standards were implemented for hospital staffing and emergency medical services.

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Here’s what the numbers look like

Dr. Rachel Herlihy, the epidemiologist for the state has done modeling that showed about 1 in 69 people were infectious with COVID-19. Herlihy said the numbers are still high but moving in the right direction.

The statewide estimate is that 90% of people are immune to the Omicron variant of COVID-19 or are protected against severe disease.

Herlihy said that the current levels of immunity could remain this high all the way until June. However, a new  COVID-19variant could change that.

Colorado’s most recent seven-day positivity rate is 6.88%, which is a decline from the 29% rate just a few weeks prior.

The goal is to have a positivity rate at 5% or lower.

Overall, health officials are feeling optimistic, but still remain cautious as things can always change.

Vaccination and boosters are still a valuable form of protection against COVID-19.

COVID-19 antibodies strengthen after vaccination

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