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IRS: Errors that impact your tax return and refund

Americans have until April 18 to submit their tax returns to the IRS in hopes of receiving a refund or lower tax bill.

tax return forms to submit to the IRS for a tax refund

While many have rushed to get theirs in first, it’s important to avoid some common mistakes that can cost you in the long run.

Simple mistakes could result in a delayed refund by weeks or even months.

Over 160 million tax returns are expected by the IRS this year.

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By filing electronically you lower your risk of inaccurate information being submitted because the math is done for you.

The software will also help you claim credits you may not have realized you qualify for.

Avoid these 8 mistakes that can be fixed by simply double checking your return before submitting to the IRS

Make sure your name is spelled correctly.

This can happen accidentally when typing if you file electronically.

Make sure your Social Security Numbers are on the return and correct.

The IRS uses them to verify your identity.

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A common mistake is people giving incorrect banking information and addresses.

This may be because you forgot you moved or changed banks and rely on autofill.

Be sure you type the correct information where it’s needed.

Choose the right filing status.

This can happen if you qualify for multiple filing statuses.

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If you need to file with an individual tax identification number then make sure it isn’t expired.

You’ll get a notice that you need to renew it.

Choose the correct credits and deductions.

Many people who would not normally need to file a tax return need to this year if they want to claim credits.

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This is especially true for missed stimulus payments and the child tax credit refund.

Sign your forms.

It is not uncommon for people to get to the end of the return and submit it without signing.

Finally, double check your math.

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